Litter of 2011

Father: Benga
Mother: Kirša
Date of birth: 27.03.2011

Kits: 7 males and 3 females (one female died in an accident at the age of 6 weeks.

See the pedigree and full pedigree

Ferrets of this litter where named under the names of chemical elements (earth)


  • Goldis (sable. Died 29.06.2016 (Renal failure).
  • Berklis (dark sable). Died 20.11.2014 (Renal failure) )
  • Feris (dark sable). Died 19.04.2017 (Infection in the bladder).)
  • Osmis (sable). Died 28.11.2015 (Renal failure)
  • Stibis (dark sable). Died 22.02.2018 (posible lymphoma)
  • Indis / Meškys (dark sable, lives in Vilnius with Žydrūnas and Eglė. Photo
  • Toris (dark sable). Died 17.05.2015 (Renal failure))


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Kits with their mother