Sex: Female, entire.
Born: 07.05.2012
Breeder: Five Elements Ferretry, Vilnius; Lithuania
Owner: Five Elements Ferretry
Color: dark sable
Body weight 0.8-1.0 kg

Information about ferret (Feritage database)

Vėtra is from the third litter of Kirša and Benga..

Ferrets from that litter were given the names of winds. “Vėtra” means in Lithuanian wind-storm. Vetra justifies her name. Her mobility during the childhood and teens actually was like a strong wind. Vetra became more serious in adulthood; however she remained very agile and curious.

Vetra is very friendly and loyal to humans, just like her mother Kirsa. Her father Benga likes long walks outdoors and so does she. Like a small dog on a leash she runs along and if she gets tired she prefers to sit on the shoulder of her owner watching the world go by from high up.


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