Sex: Female, chemical castration (Suprelorin® implant)
Born: 26.06.2009
Died: 14.10.2015
Breeder: Jone’s Ferretry, Vilnius;
Owner: Five Elements Ferretry
Color: Sable; heterozygous according to "C" allele.
Body weight: 0,8 - 0,95 kg

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Kirša and her littermates got the names of Lithuanian poets. Faustas Kirša was Lithuanian poet who lived between 1891 and 1964.

Kirša is a cute and very photogenic ferret. Her fur is usually extremely soft. Kirša is very friendly and loyal to humans. She loves to be on hands, especially when these hands are tousling her fur or massaging her head around the ears. If I’m busy and cannot pet her she simply comes to lie on my feet.


Besides of what is stated above – do not get the wrong impression about Kirša. She is a very active ferret that’s an excellent jumper and climber. Kirša can easily jump the barrier of 70cm height. Tops of the chairs, tables, windowsills or shelves are an easy access to Kirša.

Water is another of Kiršas’ passions. She even dives sometimes.

Like the majority of ferrets, Kirša is a "thief". Slippers are her favorite. She is the only one in the house that knows the right order and the right places for them to be put at and monitors the order tirelessly. If all slippers are safe, the shoe insoles are next in line, however only the ones that belong to guests. Owner’s shoes are boring.


Kirša is very brave but only in the environment she is used to. She is getting stressed outdoors and needs some time to get used to and enjoy the nature around.

Kirša is a wonderful mother

The litters


Kirša was breed 3 times with a hob Benga

    Born: 08.05.2010
    Kits: 5 males and 6 females
    (one female died after the birth)

    Born: 27.03.2011
    Kits: 7 males and 3 females
    (one female died by accident at the age of 6 weeks)

    Born: 07.05.2012
    Kits: 4 males and 5 females


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