Sex: Female,entire.
Born: 08.05.2010
Died: 16.04.2017
Breeder: Five Elements Ferretry, Vilnius; Lithuania
Owner: Five Elements Ferretry
Color: dark sable
Body weight: 0.8-1.0 kg

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Full Pedegree

Erla and her littermates were named under the names of Lithuanian rivers. The river Erla is located in the districts of Kretinga and Skuodas and flows into the river Bartuva.

Erla is from the first Kirša’s and Benga’s litter.

From the very early age I was fascinated by Erla’s sweetness and curiosity. She is extremely friendly and loyal to humans.

As well as a majority of siblings Erla seems to be smarter than both her parents and exceeds them by her physical abilities. She is fast, strong and can jump higher than an average ferret what she must have inherited from her mother. They both can easily jump over the barrier of 70 cm. high. Erla has got the color of the coat from her father and it’s softness from the mother. She loves water (for example diving in a dish with water) as the parents do.


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