Benga (Thronos Rokke Better Than Love)

Sex: male, chemical castration (Suprelorin® implant)
Born: 20.03.2009
Died: 11.04.2017
Breeder: Thronos Rokke Ferretry, Hungary
Owner: Five Elements Ferretry and Jone’s Ferretry
Color: Dark sable; homozygous according to "C" allele
Body weight: 1.6-1.9 kg

Information about the ferret in Feritage database
Pedegree (Feritage database)

"Benga" in Hungarian means "a big boy". Benga is a very nice hob. One of his great- grand-fathers was a Hungarian polecat. Benga is very friendly with people. And even during the time he’s in season he has never been aggressive. Benga has a very strong hunting instinct and always tries to catch everything that’s moving. He always protects his burrow and gives a gentle bite if somebody wants to check it out while Benga is there.

Benga likes long distance walks outside. Surprisingly he prefers long walks to digging the ground. He’s like a dog that can run a few kilometres with the owner and doesn’t get tired.

Besides long runs, another big love of Benga’s is water. He enjoys swimming or wading in the river, lake or swamp. And it does not matter to him if the water is cold.

Benga’s favourite way to explore the world is by standing on his hind legs.

When he gets bored he remembers his other hobbies like digging food out of the bowl or moving litter boxes.

Benga's kits

2010 year. Benga was bred with 4 jills:


Breeder: Jone's Ferrets, Vilnius
Mother: Sliekas
Birth date: 05.05.2010
Kits: 1 male and 5 females

Breeder: Five elements Ferretry
Mother: Kirša
Born: 08.05.2010
Kits:5 males and 6 females (one female died after the birth)

Breeder: Color poetry ferrets
Mother: Nėris
Born: 02.06.2010
Kits: 2 males ir 5 females (one female died when she was 2 months old)

Breeder: Onyx ferretry
Mother: Tinukas
Born: 02.07.2010
Kits: 1 male and 4 females

2011 year. Benga was bread with 1 jill


Breeder: Five elements Ferretry
Mother: Kirša
Born: 27.03.2011
Kits: 7 males and 3 females (one female died by accident at the age of 6 weeks)

2012 year. Benga was bread with 1 jill

Breeder: Five elements Ferretry
Mother: Kirša
Born: 07.05.2012
Kits: 4 males and 5 females

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