Ferrets are my hobby. Everything started in 2004 when I saw a ferret in a pet store and I fell in love with their charm. I spend two years of weighing pros and cons of owning a ferret and the first ferret arrived at my place when finally I was well prepared. I had a cat at that time and was concerned if the two will ever make friends and if I will manage with two creatures in the house. But it went fine. Rikis (my first ferret- castrated male) became a good friend with the cat and infected me with a ferret madness disease. Two more (purposely bought as breeding ferrets) arrived to my place in 2009. It was a hob Benga (a wonderful Hungarian dark sable ferret with a brown nose) and a jill Kirsha (a cute sable ferret from my Lithuanian breeder friend).

My ferrets are kept indoors. My ferrets are allowed to run free at my place including the balcony and sleep wherever they want to. They are never kept in the cages and they eat whole prey and whole carcass raw diet.

I breed the standard color, non-aggressive, ferrets with good physique from healthy lines (as much as it is possible to ensure that they are without inheritable diseases). I do not breed ferrets with white markings (commonly known as “exotic”) and Angora ferrets. I keep the breeding records as accurate as possible and follow the fate of all the offspring.

The kits are never sold before the age of 10 weeks.